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About Brett

Who am I?

My name is Richard Brett Sumner, but my parents chose to call me "Brett." Click here to see other nick-names people have given me!

What am I?

I am a freelance Video Production Specialist...which basically means I do TV work!

What do I do?

Post-production Editor, Technical Director, Camera Operator, Chyron,Tape Operator, A2 Audio Assistant, Teleprompter, Producer, Writer, Floor Director...just to name a few.

Where am I?

I am living in the Atlanta area...specifically Woodstock, Georgia. I am from Marietta originally, but have spent the last few years of my life in Maryland. After a number of years there, I FINALLY made it back home!

Why did I come back?

I have been wanting to return to Georgia for a number of years. I took a job in Maryland, with the understanding that it was temporary, and I would be brought back in 9 months. Obviously, that didn't happen. Eventually, I got a job at WMAR in Baltimore. A couple of years ago, Scripps Broadcasting (the parent company) offered buyouts to employees. That was my opportunity to return home. The housing market delayed my return but, since taking care of that, I can say that I am back home!

What is my purpose?

Well, being a recently relocated freelancer, my objective is to put my skills to work for new clients in the Atlanta area! Please visit my contact page HERE to send me a message or email me at: brett@bsumner.com

Stuff I Like


I am a baseball fan! Naturally, being from Georgia, I'm a Braves fan. Having lived in Maryland for a number of years, I'm also a Baltimore Orioles fan!


I love music! I have 4 guitars, a banjo, and a keyboard. Can't play any of them very well (well, maybe guitar), but I have fun! For more about my gear and the music I like, visit my MUSIC PAGE HERE!


I am a biking fanatic! I even have a "Share the Road" tag! I have two bikes: a Cannondale road bike and a Cannondale "urban road bike." Go to my CYCLING PAGE to check out my bikes and where I'm riding!


I love to bar-b-cue and grill...there is a difference! Go to my BBQ PAGE to see what I like to put on the grill!


Yeah, I'm an Apple fan-boy. If Steve Jobs told me to drink the Kool-Aid, I'd drink it. I do the same when Tim Cook does the pouring. I have 3 iMacs, an iPad 2, iPhone 4, 2 Apple TV's, and my trustworthy Powerbook G4, which is still kicking. I used it to create this website!

Click to see the story behind the name!


Credit: My Mother

My mother called me "Bretto" from as far back as I can remember.


Credit: Deb Sheckells

One of my many friends from WMAR is responsible for this one! This was taken when I was a fat, longhaired freak LOL!

"Georgia Slim"

Credit: John Ziemann

John had nicknames for everybody. I got off easy, if you ask me. Obviously a knock on when I was heavier!


Credit: Harry Kakel

My old boss gave me this name from when I lived in Westminster, Maryland


Credit: Wesley Harris

Don't know why he called me that, but it worked...


Credit: Mike Convry

Nickname from one of the directors I worked with at WMAR. Later shortened to just "Bretty."

"Brett the Brat"

Credit: Various punk-ass kids in my old neighborhood

About This Site

I built this site myself using Adobe Dreamweaver, but I had lots of help from the following resources...so I thought it fitting to give them some credit. Here it goes:


A fantastic resource for learning Dreamweaver and, also, for guiding me through laying the page out using CSS!

Wow Slider

A great plugin! They're responsible for the slick banner slideshow at the top of the page!


Another great resource for Dreamweaver training. Thanks to James' tutorial for helping me create a cool "Contact" page!


A fantastic program I used to create the gallery on the "Portfolio" page and other media popups throughout the site.


Bjørn Klinggaard's jQuery plugin used to make the modal popup windows used on this page.

Thank you all!

Latest News

May 22, 2013

Peyton Needs A New Guitar!

My great niece, Peyton Parker, has her eye on a new Taylor 6-string...and YOU can help her get it! How? Just by liking her Facebook page. Go to PeytonParker.com and click the Facebook "like." Listen to some of her music while you're there!

April 17, 2013

New Site's Up!!!

Got busy doing some video work and had to put the website on the back burner for a couple of months. What do you think?

October 11, 2012

Relaunch Coming Soon!

Main page, Contact form page, and general design are done. Re-launch of www.bsumner.com is coming soon! Meanwhile, my head is swimming in a sea of CSS, Javascript, and HTML code...but it's been fun!

October 1, 2012

Website Update

NEW www.bsumner.com coming soon

September 30, 2012

With Friends on the Silver Comet

Bike riding with my friends, Cathy & Trace

September 29, 2012

Ride to Red Top

Bike Ride from Acworth to Red Top Mountain and back